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About Us

The Problem

​Breakfast is a necessity for all, serving as an integral piece to improving mental and physical health while boosting productivity and energy. However, whether for the sake of time or the tedious process of making breakfast in general, this crucial meal is ignored by up to 31 million Americans [1], and up to 75% of the population admits to skipping breakfast multiple times a week [2]. In addition to the absence of sustenance, skipping breakfast can induce adverse effects regarding a sluggish metabolism and uneven blood sugar levels [3], which can pile up over time to create hazardous health conditions in individuals. Hectic mornings with filling breakfasts are a rare occurrence, but eZsqueeZ makes it a reality with its on-the-go packaging and variety of nutrients. The pouch container offers the opportunity to eat food quickly and mess-free, allowing consumers to satisfy their stomachs wherever they are, whenever they wish. The plethora of flavors at eZsqueeZ ensures that customers are able to amuse their palates, while also providing healthy solutions to the issue of breakfast and hunger. eZsqueeZ ventures to cultivate a culture in which breakfast is a healthful standard achieved with convenient and tasty options, redefining what breakfast could be for people around the world.


Our Mission: 

To energize the world's morning with great-tasting food anytime, anywhere; convenient and eco-friendly packaging allows customers to rise above the inconveniences of breakfast and overcome the barriers of a successful day.

Meet The Team

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